You get insights on negotiations from an successful professional commercial contract negotiator.

Negotiation experts often spend years studying negotiations, The Negotiation Guy spent years NEGOTIATING – AND studying negotiations. Promoted at every company he worked, up to Head of Procurement for Global F500 companies. The Negotiation Guy has managed more than $2B in contracts while working on 6 continents in more than 30 countries. He personally led more than 100 $1M+ deals from both the buying and sales side of negotiations.

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What You Get

The Negotiation Guy made this site for you. All information is provided 100% pro bono.

Negotiation Coaching

The best athletes on the planet ALL have coaches. The purpose of this site is to help you become a better negotiator. That means helping you negotiate better deals as well as helping you improve your relationships through the negotiation process. Not just a win, a win-win!

Negotiation Blog / Vlog

The Negotion Blog is filled with content on negotiation concepts. Be it strategies,  tactics, techniques, or how to defend against them, The Negotiation Guy takes a look from the ground up so you can identify things that might work for you in your negotiations.

Negotiation Podcasts

Negotiation Pro Podcast is focused on reviewing material published by established academic negotiation experts through the lens of a real-world negotiator.

Only Negotiations in the News is a fun look at negotiations in business, politics, and sport.

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eLearning Negotiation Videos

For more robust formal training, Negotiating for Success I is the best resource produced by real-world negotiators.

“Hands down, the best and most relevant negotiation trainer I have ever worked with (and I’ve worked with a few)! Mike has an uncanny ability to relate the power of negotiating effectively, to anyone, in a way that is clear and actionable. A lot of training in this space stops with concepts – but the process and tools that TableForce provides leave a lasting impression that, many years later, I still personally use – at work, at home, anywhere!”

Mike Sitter, VP, Business Operations at Sisense

My Story

We all take different paths, mine was a long and winding road. At each step I thought I loved what I was doing, it turns out I only liked it (positive attitude) and was reasonably competent. Now I negotiate and teach negotiations full time. I LOVE helping people negotiate better deals and do better in life!